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With more than 2000 species of birds India is a popular destination for ornithological expeditions. The number of species includes the Pale Arctic Migrants as well. Due to extreme diversity in terrain, altitude and climate variation the country provides varied habitats to the species and to this they have successfully adapted.

Most of the tours are organized in Northern India especially in the Himalayan Foothills but the destinations for birding are becoming popular all over India. Hence East West North South and Central India accords immense scope for watching the winged wonders. Some of the tiger reserves in India are hot spots for this activity besides other hot spots. 

The Indian Birding Tour begins from Ranthambore and is organized by MP Tiger Safari Company. Ranthambore is home to over three hundred avian species which include winter visitors which leave at the onset of summer. The park exhibits amazing diversity in terms of life forms and geography. The forests are dry, deciduous and thorn with scattered grasslands. Rocky surface, dense canopy and number of water bodies add to the diversity of avian species. Winter migrants arrive here in large numbers and settle down in the forests and the water bodies and the shores.

All through the extensive drives will stop at places for road side birdings, rest and recreation. This long stretch of journey will fetch amazing sights of diverse India and the people and their lifestyle. It is interesting to note how people live in such remote confines of India.

The tiger reserve although popular for big cats and mammals is also a preferred destination for bird watchers. Most of the targeted species can be checked and listed in a three night four days tour. We will rely upon our birding guide to discover as many species as possible.

Target Species

Oriental Pied Hornbill
Demoiselle Crane
Sarus Crane
Common Crane
Painted Francolin
Blue Bellied Button Quail
Rock Quail
Black Francolin
Common Buzzard
Brahminy Kite
Indian Eagle Owl
Spotted Eagle
Indian Eagle
Ferruginous Pochard
Black Necked Crane
Tickell’s Thrush
Savanah NightJar
Chestnutbellied Sandgrouse
Black Bellied Sandgrouse
Cream Colored Courser
Indian Courser
Northern Pintail
Barred Button Quail
Red and Black Headed Buntings
Water Pipit
Rosy Pipit
Twany Bellied Babbler
Blyth’s Leaf Warbler
Hume’s Warbler
Greater and Lesser White Throat
Desert and Orphean Warbler
Plain Martin
Asian House Martin
Desert & Isabelline Wheater
Southern Gray Shrike
Eurasian Spoonbill
Black Bittern
Imperial Eagle
Long Legged Buzzard
Pallas’s Fish Eagle
Lesser Fish Eagle
Indian Skimmer
Herring & Yellow Legged Gull
Gull Billed Tern

The list is unending and goes on and on. Most of the birding is done on foot outside the park with varied habitats while on safari birding will reveal species much dependent on niche habitats and undisturbed water bodies.

Accommodation: MP Tiger Safari will organize a stay in one of the finest heritage hotels in the outskirts near Sawai Madhopur about six hours drive for Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. There is a direct train from New Delhi to Jaipur and also air connectivity.

Ranthambore to Bharatpur is four hours drive and we will dock up at a luxury hotel there. This is India’s most popular destination and hot spot for watching the winged creatures. Flocked by overseas enthusiasts we plan to stay here for three days watching the avian wanders. All activities are in the company of a birding guide who will do his best to unearth as many species of three hundred plus for us in the three days. 

Bharatpur is an closed group of wetlands with scant forest and grassy patches. Some wetlands are large and shallow widened by the local Maharajah to supply water to the town. With abundant water in the winters it soon began to host thousands of winter migrants and resident waders and shore species. The raptors followed the prey and rest is history.

At this hot spot also known as Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary all surveys will be done on foot with lunch breaks for little rest. In this twenty eight sanctuary we will try to maximize our find in the company of the guide.

Some of the target species are:

Brown Crake
Ruddy Crake
Siberian Ruby Throat
Common Crane
Sarus Crane
Dusky Eagle Owl
Eurasian Sparrow Hawk
Tickell’s Thrush
Dusky Warbler
Common Chiff Chaff
Black Rumped Flameback
Long Tailed Night Jar
Eurasian Marsh Harier
Imperial Eagle
India & Greater Spotted Eagle
Greater Fronted Goose
Lesser Fronted Goose
Rosy Pelican
Common Pochard
Gray Lag Geese
Common Shelduck
Bar Headed Geese
Black Necked Stork
Night Heron
Striated Heron
Northern Shoveler
Baer’s Pochard
Greater & Lesser Flamingo
Great Crested Grebe
Red Necked Grebe
Black necked Grebe
Little Crake
Water Rail
Panted Stork
Asian Openbill
White Stork
Great White Pelican
Yellow & Cinnamon Bittern
Indian Courser
Isabelline Wheatear
Desert Wheater
Jack Snipe
Painted Snipe
Green Sandpiper
Terek Sandpiper
Spotted Redshank
Marsh Sandpiper
Northern Pintail
Yellow Legged Button Quail
Little Pratincole
Black Headed Gull
Brown Headed Gull
Tawny Eagle
Golden Eagle
Hen Harrier
Pallid Harrier
White Eyed Buzzard
Brow Owl
Indian Scops Owl
Orange Headed Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush
Tickell’s Leaf Warbler
Syke’s Warbler
Booted Warbler
White Cheeked Bulbul
Wire Tailed Swallow
Red Rumped Swallow
Indian Lark
Hume’s Short Toed Lark
Rufus Tailed Lark
Crested Bunting
Plum Headed Parakeet

The guide will do his best to discover more species for us in our three days venture. Among the species some are rare visitors while some are vagrants that appear one fine day and go the next. This is what makes Bharatpur the most exciting destination for ornithologists.

Chambal River Sanctuary

Situated in three states namely MP, UP and Rajasthan Chambal River flows across seven hundred plus kilometers. This wide expanse of pristine unpolluted water is notified as a sanctuary within the 3 states. From Bharatpur we will drive for two and half hours to Bah in UP.

The Chambal Lodge here will offer us a comfortable stay and organize bird watching and boating at the river. The river is famous for sightings of Ganga Dolhin, marsh crocodiles and the endangered gharial besides may species of turtles.

Our focus is on birds in the dunes and the river where the bandits once roamed. We will explore the river on slow moving motor boats and watch the birds on the rocks and shore.

Some of the targeted species here are:

Indian Skimmer
Whiskered Tern
Sand Lark,
Wooly Necked Stork
Hueglin’s Gull
Chestnut Belied Sandgrouse
Laggar Falcon
Bonelli’s Eagle
Black Headed Gull
Black Stork
Eagle Owl
Brown Fish Owl
Bar Headed Geese
Gray Lag Geese
Eurasian Spoon Bill
Long Leg Buzzard
Black Winged Stilt
Black Bellied Tern
Eurasian Marsh Harrier
Ketish Plover
Little Ringed Plover
Lesser Sand Plover
River Lapwing
Red Wattled Lapwing
Black Tailed Godwit
Eurasian Curlew
Common Greenshank
Red Shank
Barred Button Quail
Peregrine Falcon
Red Necked Falcon
Greater Coucal
Red Headed Bunting
Black Headed Bunting
Brooke’s Leaf Warbler
Plain Leaf Warbler
Wire Tailed Swallow
Jungle Prinia

During the boat tours we will come across many avian species while across the dunes and on the way back to the lodge we will discover more. We will be helped by the guide provided by the lodge. The boat ride cuts across most scenic and unspoiled part of India and watching the low rise sandy mountains with lone bare trees and steep rocky cliffs is simply fascinating. At places in the middle of the river we will come across small rocky islands where gharials and crocodiles bask in the sun. The sandy island accord refuge to Indian Skimmers the most targeted bird of Chambal, it is their preferred breeding grounds.

We will reach Agra after a drive of seventy kilometers and check in at a luxury hotel. Early next morning we will visit Taj Mahal and proceed for Sat Tal in Nainital District via Kathgodam. This is an eight hour ride and we will check in at a hotel overnight. The drive may take a little longer as we will make a stop at Ganges for birding as well as for lunch and some freshening up.

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Fuen Martínez López (Fusi)@FuenFusi
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We found MP Tiger Safari Tours & Travels browsing on Internet and contacted them along with many others. This one stood out thanks to Mr. Teerath Singh work: Quick, reliable and clear communication through whatsapp. Good reviews. Great value for money (best quality-price ratio) Flexibility in the programme according to our needs. All included in the package. Once we arrived everything was as promised and even better! Mr. Teerath delivered all that he promised and more, he went above and beyond to satisfy us: The hotels were exceptional, the food amazing, the staff in the parks and hotels were superb, everything always punctual, reliable, well organized... The safaris were awesome! We got to see 14 tigers in 11 safaris! Along with the other beautiful fauna! 😊 We visited Kanha for 3 nights (in Courtyard House Hotel) and Bandhavgarh for 5 nights (in Bandhav Vilas). We highly recommend this park and MP Tiger Safari Tours & Travels and would not hesitate to repeat!
Damiano Testa
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My girlfriend and I went to Bandhavgarh and Kanha in April 2017 with everything organized by Teerath Singh: we had an amazing experience and we highly recommend it!
Heidi Jane
Heidi Jane@heidi.jane.940
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We had an amazing time in India in February-March 2017 visiting 5 tiger reserves with our trip organized by Teerath Singh who was a terrific host and guide. It was a trio of a lifetime and we were beyond thrilled with over s dozen tiger sightings.
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