Safari Package Ranthambore

About Full & Half Day Safaris

Ranthambore is one of the best places to see tigers in India. It is situated in the State of Rajasthan. You have the full day and half day visit options available. only five jeeps inside the forest are allowed. About Full Day Safaris In this tourists are allowed to stay from sun rise till the sun set. They have access to entire park without restriction of zones. The visitors will enter 15 minutes earlier than the regular visitors. Under this scheme higher charge is applicable.

About Half Day Safaris
There are basically two options available for half day safari at Ranthambore. One is from sun rise to 12 noon and the other option is from noon to sun set. Each of these safari would be for almost six hours without riestriction of zones. This is something that regular visitors do not have.

Benefits that you will be able to enjoy with Full Day safari
Maximum Time
More time means you will be able to enjoy game rounds better. You will also get 15 minutes more for entry and stay after the regular closing time. Extended time accords greater sightings of tiger as they are more active in early and late hours.

Apart from spending extra time you will have no crowd of jeeps around you.

Greater flexibility and freedom while on excursion.

More Details
Please note it is prerogative of the forest department whether to accept or to reject the application. Only five full day safaris will be permitted by the forest department per day and hence you have to make sure that you make booking in advance. You will have one driver and a guide along with on the jeep. You have the choice to select both. Just five members will be allowed in such trips.

  Full Day Safari Half Day Safari
Foreign Nationality Rs. 57500 Rs. 37500
Indian Nationality Rs. 47500 Rs. 25500
There is also facilities of Tatkal kota Rs. 15000 for both Indian and foreigners

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